Travelling over, now what’s going on

Back yesterday morning from basically three weeks away – a combination of work and holiday. Fortunately back in time for what I thought was an absorbing game – especially given the lack of chances, let alone the lack of goals.

A few people commented to me after the game that our manager didn’t look best pleased – and he wasn’t. That is good to see. Gordon knows that this is the season where we need to kick on and while finances will continue to determine the speed with which we can progress, this group of players is talented enough to do well. Points rather than performances will determine how this season ends up and a team looking to challenge would have hoped to eke out a narrow success. Though by the same token I think we have seen many similar games in recent seasons where we would have conceded late on. So a tough point and still no goals conceded in three home games which is good.

One thing I couldn’t agree about were the comments I heard around me from people saying Danny Burnell shouldn’t have taken the penalty. His penalty record is very good, he is a striker and I know he wants a goal but people are building this so called ‘drought’ up too much. We’ve only played 5 games and he has started in what – the last two? I was pleased to see the confidence to grab the ball and am confident he will come good. We need him to.

The crowd was good, breaking 500. Though supportive, I was a little sceptical about Non League Day, but I’m happy to say that as well as plenty of publicity the day seems to have been a success. Let’s remember, attracting more people is why we’ve moved our midweek games to Monday nights, trying to avoid the Champions League. We will look at other schemes through the season as well to try and attract new people to Wealdstone – and hope they come again.

There is a lot to do. I have a long list of people I want to get together with to discuss the future, how we can best move forward and harness people’s talents as well as progress on all the other things we have to do off the field. Unfortunately this will take me some time to achieve – but we will give it a good go. We will also shortly announce an ‘Ask the Chairman’ session, and maybe combine this with ‘Ask the Manager’ as well. So watch this space.

I had some good conversations with Alan Turvey yesterday, as he was at the game. Not surprisingly, one of our first conversations was to do with Croydon Athletic and I will pick that up in my next post.

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