We’ve been here before

Mark Lloyd said to me before the game that he guessed I had two posts ready, one for if we won or if we lost. Given this afternoon’s events the easiest thing would have been to find whatever I wrote after the Harrow Borough FA Trophy match last year as there were plenty of similarities. At least we won that replay.

First of all let me comment on our performance, then the referee – I’ll leave Chesham’s ‘card fest’ to someone else.

I felt in patches we played much better today – that is much better than we have in the last few games though still not as well as we can. After our equaliser you could see confidence flooding back and we played really well against the 10 men during the first half and should have scored more. For whatever reason we couldn’t keep that going in the second half. Chaps and Keiron were both not getting forward as much in the second half and we seemed to rush things at times when a more measured approach keeping the ball might have served us better though Chesham had set themselves out for the draw and were difficult to break down.

When Scotty scored I couldn’t see them coming back. I’ve no opinion on their disallowed goal for the other end of the ground and I’ve heard (from their officials) two contrasting explanations. Kurtney had a good game and it is a shame he lost possession in the manner he did allowing them to get the 97th minute equaliser. Inexperience perhaps, justice certainly not.

The Chesham officials were very unhappy with the ref. I guess I would be if he sent two of ours off, plus the manager. However, perhaps someone can explain to me how that game necessitated over 3-4 minutes injury time – let alone the 8 that was played. I remember one injury, to their number 4, I counted 5 substitutions and then what? Did he add back on the time that the Chesham goalkeeper wasted with the score at 1-1? No board was put up so noone knew how long he was playing. He’ll be back on Monday as well.

So we go to a replay. We are still in the Cup and there is no reason why we can’t win the replay. Chesham are a decent side with good players (and an excellent goalkeeper) but we are more than good enough to win if we play with the desire and confidence we showed in part today.

Incidentally, particularly in the first half I thought our fans were excellent today. Let’s see and hear that again on Monday.

Frustrating, deeply frustrating, but it was better, we didn’t lose and we can still progress. Keep believing.

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