I thought I would respond to the rumours that are around at present that Gordon offered his resignation after the game last Monday night, given the people either asking me or discussing this on the Forum.

Let’s get this clear. Gordon did not offer his resignation last Monday. What was said to me and one other Director, in the emotion that flows immediately after such a game, was “is it time for me to go?” which is quite different from actually offering to go. My response was that we were not going to make any snap decisions there and then. We agreed that Gordon and I would meet and two nights later (last Wednesday) we had a full, frank and honest discussion covering all aspects of the Club.

Part of our discussion was about how we to involve others. So tomorrow evening (Monday 18th) Gordon will meet with the Board and the Supporters Club Committee to discuss where we are. Also tomorrow, when we are at the Club we will pick a date to hold a ‘Meet the Manager’ / ‘Meet the Chairman’ evening for the following week (w/c 25 Oct).

Football is all about opinions. We know that. Some people will feel Gordon should go now and others that he should stay. I have no doubts that he is fully aware of our strengths and our shortcomings and also what needs to be done. My view remains what I posted recently that he remains our best chance of turning things around.

One thing that Gordon and I agree on is that any decisions we make are based on what we think is right for Wealdstone FC, not for any other reason.  To that end and to those who think that we as a Board are not capable of making tough decisions Gordon knows that the Board will not blindly follow him for ever. However, as I’ve written before, not only has he earned the right to be given our trust he remains our best hope of turning things around.

The financial situation hasn’t changed because of the FA Cup exit. We don’t budget for much prize money so anything we receive is a bonus. There will need to be some decisions made with the budget in mind, though this was always going to be the case when we reached this part of the season.

As ever when we go through a difficult spell, difficult questions are asked, of all of us. Gordon is having to answer his fair share of questions now and both he and I will be happy to do so next week for those who want to pose them.

Rumours can be close to the truth or they can be a long way off. In this case the rumour of a resignation offered is simply incorrect.

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