A must read

Wealdstone manager Gordon Bartlett, together with WFC supporter Roger Slater (author of the Club’s History) have published Gordon’s autobiography “Off the Bench.

We got our copy of on the day it came out (when the Cray game was cancelled a fortnight ago) but since then my daughter Daisy has been reading it, which is not bad considering she typically doesn’t read books! Yesterday she said that I could have it now that she has finished though she did admit to only starting halfway through the Wealdstone years.

It’s obviously quite a feat for a non league manager to publish an autobiography and no doubt if anyone deserves to tell the story of his career then Gordon does. Let’s hope there are a few more chapters to write still.

I suspect that this book will get some really good media coverage and I’ve tried to attach a copy of the article that appeared in the Watford programme yesterday. Off The Bench Watford prog

So although I haven’t yet read it others are telling me it’s a great read so order your copy from the Wealdstone Megastore now.

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