We’ve been here before

The outpouring of emotion on the Forum or in the conversations that followed Saturday’s game and our ignominious FA Cup exit have all been justified.

I think we all felt amazed how we could witness a performance that was just so flat and by ‘all’ I include the players, the officials, the management and so on.

But ‘flat’ is what we got. And Saturday to me was no different to the Potter’s Bar game of a few years ago or various other embarrassing cup performances we’ve had to endure.

I was nervous before the game, I worried that a team full of confidence on a great run with a bit of pace about them might cause us problems, but with no disrespect at all to Beaconsfield we couldn’t have been better hosts for them. The only time we got going was at 1-0 down and the second goal finished things off.

I know I wasn’t alone in not being great company and then sleeping badly on Saturday night.

So what do we do about it? Well we have been here before, pretty much every season since I’ve been involved with the Club and I know we will be here again, whether this year, next year or some other time. Ultimately for me you have to ask yourself are you doing the right things? If the answer is yes then all you can do is roll your sleeves up and work harder and things will turn.

Do I think we have the best manager we could have? Yes. Do I think we have the best group of players we’ve had in several seasons? Yes. Do I think they are underperforming? Yes, both individually and collectively.

Will I still say yes to all those questions if we repeatedly perform like we did on Saturday – No!

Football is a game of opinions. I read some of the comments on the Forum and I understand both the emotion and some of the well thought through opinions. Some of those contributors won’t agree with me, I don’t agree with some of them. That’s fine as long as we agree that everyone continues to do their best for Wealdstone FC.

However, to the person who chose to anonymously have a go at Wes Parker on Twitter, let me say that was out of order.

So where do we go now? Well I want to quote from one of the emails I received on Sunday morning from a long term supporter and former club official..

“I’m not trying to be Churchill but we need to respond to this is a way that enforces why we are a special club.  At a time when we all probably feel less inclined and less enthusiastic about finding even more time to help Wealdstone Football Club we must do what we can to manage the consequences of yesterday.

Gordon and the management team will do what is necessary on the playing side of things but we must do whatever we can to influence morale and finances off the field.

Let’s work together this week, next week and every other damn week to make sure we are stronger and more successful each year.”

We are a special club, we have all worked hard to get to where we are, which is why days like Saturday are such a blow.

We still have much to play for this season and our next 5 league games are all against Clubs higher in the table than we are, which given we are 8th tells you what a tough spell we have. Everyone has a part to play in being successful so once the pain subsides we must all dust ourselves down, pick ourselves up and continue to make sure Wealdstone FC continues to be a special club on and off the field.



More vacancies – Matchday operations manager wanted

While I’m writing about situations vacant at the Club, let me mention the role of Matchday Operations Manager.

We would love to find someone prepared to be responsible for everything that happens off the field on a matchday.  Will be a rewarding role for someone interested in getting involved with a football club.

Most importantly it doesn’t mean you do everything – there is a big difference between being responsible and doing everything but it does need someone with good organisational skills and able to influence others. If you are interested or want to find out more please let me know.

Do you think you can run a football club?

Come on admit it, most fans think they can do a better job than those who actually run their clubs!

Well at Wealdstone, we want to give someone the chance as we launch the search for someone new to get involved with the Board and help us continue to improve Wealdstone FC.

And to make this more interesting we are going to invoke a cross between The Director and Dragons Den to help us find the right candidate.

But instead of having to convince Alan Sugar or Theo Paphitis, prospective directors will have to impress some of the Stones’ current Board. Applicants will need to submit an entry containing a document of up to 500 words on how they can add real value to the Club. They will also have to impress manager Gordon Bartlett as to their passion for the game of football.

We are always looking to attract new blood into the club and need to keep looking in different places.  With the almost daily diet of talent and reality shows that dominate our screens we thought we might try something different. Some may see this as a little ‘gimmicky’ but we are serious about finding someone who can demonstrate not only commitment to the cause but new ideas which they are able to see through to delivery.

These ideas could be about raising money, sponsorship or development in some form that will benefit the club and our aims within the local community. We believe Wealdstone has always been a club who create trends rather than follow them.  We are always open to new ideas and ways of thinking that will take us to the next level so we welcome any and all applications.

Applications are welcome from anyone who feels they have the skills and abilities to add real value to Wealdstone FC. This might be from a current supporter or else from local business people or other members of the community, as long as they have a love of football and a desire to be part of a successful club.

I think that whether in office or pub conversations, reading fans forums or listening to radio phone-ins there are always lots of people who think they have the answers for how a football club should be run. So we want to give someone the opportunity to help us. We are ambitious but need to strengthen our club leadership to take us to the next level off the pitch, which in turn will assist our progress on the field.

We’ve always believed we are one of the first ever fan’s clubs, having been owned and run by supporters for 20 years now – and this move is aimed to help bring more support into the club, as well as more expertise and experience.

So, are you interested? Think you can do better? If you are interested or want to talk about it please contact me at howardkrais@gmail.com or through @howiejk on twitter. I’d love to hear from you.