Ref ref!

Been meaning to post this for a while.

Don’t think it is just me but this season a depressing trend in the Ryman Premier League has been to see the number of players who now shout “ref ref” every time someone is tackled, or who scream as they get tackled or the number of clubs who surround the ref whenever any decision is given against them – and this might just be for a throw in!

Of course we see it in the Premier League and these things trickle down, maybe we’ll soon see Ryman managers waving imaginary cards a la Mancini.

I can only assume that some clubs have taken conscious decisions to put refs under pressure during games. I don’t believe we do it, I don’t want us to do it but are we missing a trick by not doing it?

I always say we watch Ryman football so we get Ryman refs. Putting them under additional pressure seems a cynical tactic to me – do we need to follow suit just to keep up?


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