End of one blog…start of another

This is my 395th and last Electric Chair blog post. Over the past 4-5 years there’s been over 103,000 hits with 358 on the busiest day on November 14 2008 – I think it was something to do with AFC Wimbledon.

I’m finishing this for probably 2 reasons. Firstly after all this time it has become a chore and there just isn’t time to keep it as updated as I would like. Also as many will know I’m a big user of twitter now (@howiejk) – a means to get to the point messages out quickly.

But I still want to communicate more regularly and hopefully I’ve found a way to do this. That is by embracing current technology and moving to a video blog. The Electric Chair on TV! Recording and uploading short 1-2 minute video clips, backed up by Twitter will hopefully mean I can keep a regular flow of communications going about what is happening at the Club. 

So I will try and do this regularly and see how it goes. Please let me know whether this works or not. If you don’t like it I’ll stop but hopefully we can get back to regular messages.

See what you think. The introductory video blog is here and a second message recorded after the Non League awards is here.