It’s all about the little things…

Going to Ascot yesterday reminded me about how it is the little things that make a difference.

The good news is there was more on the plus side than the negative. Firstly always nice to have a bit of courtesy. When we left a bar the steward held the door open, that was nice enough. When I said thank you he said with a smile “it’s an absolute pleasure”. Little things, very nice. If you remember what Ascot used to be like with the bowler hatted stewards, they seem to have the service thing off pretty well these days.

Another big plus for Ascot and this may seem minor is they give you badges that are already pre-knotted! So many courses these days give you a badge that you then need to try and remember those days in the cubs before getting your knot badge. I don’t think I ever did get it!

Outside of the Royal meeting, and Champions Day Ascot is easy enough to get around and enjoy. The sun came out too – not always the case at Ascot in recent times.

But despite all this 1-2 things might have gone a bit better. Backing a winner would have helped of course.

The disappearance of the Racing Post man was also very mysterious. As I walked past the West gate heading to the East gate ticket office, I passed the guy selling the Racing Post. I noted he had a large pile of copies and that I could buy one there if I couldn’t get one at the East gate. But less than 10 minutes later when I walked back he was gone. Bizarre. Hard to think he sold them all so quickly.

I tweeted this and to be fair the Racing Post Customer Service team tweeted me back, which was good, telling me they were a man down through illness and they’d probably sold out. Only thing is this was the second time this has happened at Ascot recently. It’s the only course I have a problem buying the paper. Once may be one of those things, but twice in the last 3-4 meetings suggests maybe something else going on.

So not too much to moan about really 🙂

Always good going to Ascot, I’m sure I’ll be back soon.


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