This blog provides an opportunity to keep fans up to date with what is happening inside the club and gives me the opportunity to bring some honesty and plain speaking into what is happening.
Comments are very welcome.

Happy reading

Howard Krais – Chairman Wealdstone FC


3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Howard
    I find your blogs (or comments) very interesting. Not being very technical minded I am not sure I even know what a blog is??!!
    The thing I like about the site is the additional and inside information that you give.
    Keep the good work up.

  2. Howard
    I want to be part of 100:400 but its not clear what the options are. I cant get to the meeting on Thursday. can you let me know what ways there are to contribute. Shares would be better than Team draw (for me anyway).

    When convenient can you advise.

    Many thanks

    Terry Stern

  3. Refreshing to see the chairman of a football club taking time to keep the fans involved and informed.

    Can’t see our beloved Ken Bates ever taking a leaf from your book, and even if he did, I suspect the majority of his posts would echo his comments in the matchday program… Leeds United are victimised by all… Ken Bates does no wrong… Ken Bates is a saint… etc etc..

    All the best from a distressed and confused Leeds United fan.

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