Not letting things go quiet

…on so many fronts.

A quick update. We had a call last week involving a number of people  from the Club, directors, officials and other interested parties to discuss our current stance on activities going on with the Prince Edward site. The call really focused on what the Club’s objectives and next actions should be. We had some widespread agreement which was good and one of our priorities is to continue developing our relationship with Harrow Council. We are expecting a meeting with them towards the end of January, early February to follow up the meeting we had with a prominent Harrow councillor just before Christmas. To some extent until we know more definitively what is planned for the Prince Edward site then we can only prepare. So more news when we have it.

Also at the moment we are preparing for an important meeting as we start to properly fuse together the football club and social club entities. As reported at the Club AGM, we have reached agreement with the shareholders of the Ruislip Social Club to bring the two entities together. This is now going forward and is a very exciting development for us. Again more news in due course.

Otherwise I hope everyone is enjoying the football at the moment. Some great passing football, goals, quality defending long may it last! One game at a time though and next stop Horsham.


Keeping busy on PEPF

It may look as if things may have gone a little quiet on the Prince Edward front since last week’s announcement that Barnet would be leaving Underhill, but that would be far from the situation.

We have been pressing contacts on a range of fronts. As a result I have an informal meeting with a prominent Harrow councillor in the coming days to discuss Wealdstone FC and the site. Others have also been making and renewing contacts with some of the other main players. I think we are going about our business sensibly and quietly, initially we need to find out what the situation is with the site and whether anything has changed or is likely to.

I have also been interviewed by the Harrow Observer so expect some comments to go be in the paper on Thursday.

We have also pulled together a group of people from the Club with a range of skills to get involved as necessary.

It is particularly pleasing to have some dialogue directly with Harrow Council as this was an avenue that appeared closed to us previously.

More news in due course.

Keep the comments coming

Thanks to all six people who have commented on my previous post.  Must be some sort of record – please keep them coming.  All the other bloggers I know say the same thing, we never get enough comments and you never really know who is reading this – so I was delighted to get these.

I will keep posting on here.

Nick D has been sending out a number of press releases recently.  One of them was about progress at Prince Edward.  Please let me confirm that nothing has changed.  Part of going to Ruislip meant that we have more time to make a deal with Barnet and it also means that Prince Edward can open in phases without having to have the stadium up and running straight away.

This will take some time yet to sort, so it might go quiet again but when there is more news we’ll pass it on.

Hopefully some more player news soon as well.

Prince Edward statement

You may have seen that Barnet and Harrow Council have issued a press release on the Prince Edward site.

Our own statement is on our website.  Bottom line is nothing has changed but if you want the chance to ask questions and discuss the situation then please put 11 June, in your diary.  This is the date of the Club AGM and it will be held at Ruislip.

Where should we focus first?

I just wrote an update to the other board members and I was surprised just how many things we have going on at present.

These include everything at Ruislip – which is masses, PEPF discussions, agreeing next season’s arrangements with Stanmore College (check out details of the course here), the Northampton dinner, taking on a new commercial person (more about that next week when she starts) and a variety of other things.

Of course just as much focus is required on the field and we are doing all we can to help GB and provide him with the tools (or the cash) he needs. There is no lack of focus here – we are doing everything we can to try and stay up. We have to hope that you get out what you put in, in this game we love.

Tomorrow night is obviously vital.  Marcus Gross is suspended and Carl Martin is nearing fitness but probably still a week away.  Dale Bennett also unlikely to be fit.  On Saturday at East Thurrock Chris O’Leary begins a two match ban.

Can we move to Dartford?

Interesting article on NonLeagueDaily about Dartford FC.

Isn’t it refreshing to read about a council who get it, who realise the benefits that a successful non league club can have in the area.  imagine if we had this type of support from Harrow Council over Prince Edward.

Now I am sure Harrow have other priorities, budget restraints etc etc but these are the Dartford Council Leader’s own words “Our aim was to boost pride in the town, rescue our local team and open up new opportunities for young people to build character and discipline in superb sporting surroundings. We have exceeded our wildest expectations and the stadium has helped improve the town in so many ways.”

As good as rescuing the local club is the other benefits clearly make all the expenditure worthwhile.  I think Hillingdon Council understand, perhaps it is not too late for Harrow as well.

Lots to discuss

Thanks to Alan Hill who reminds me that having said we had a board meeting last Wednesday I haven’t followed that up on here.

Suffice to say it was the longest meeting we’ve had since I took the Chairman’s role going on to midnight.

Plenty discussed including Barry Benveniste reporting back on his first month since taking the Treasurer position.  I’m greatly encouraged with what Barry wishes to do and whilst most people won’t see the changes we are making I am sure that over the next 12 months the financial systems we are putting in place will be of great benefit to us.

Plenty of debate about our plans for PEPF – though no news to give out I’m afraid – and also looking at how we can take advantage of some current commercial opportunities that we have.

Finally various issues around the reserves were discussed.  Chief among these are the implications of serious problems with the pitch at Ruislip Manor and also how we are going to fill the role of Reserve Team Secretary which is becoming ever more important.  That is one role we are really keen to get sorted – so if anyone reading this would like to get involved with the club and help run our Suburban League reserves then please get in touch.


Missing out

Weeks ago the chance came to get tickets for this afternoon’s England game, a chance I took up, with the hope that we would get a home game which we could bring forward. However no such luck!

Instead of seeing Chelmsford’s new ground, their highly rated squad and no doubt a big crowd I will be at Wembley today. I know where I’d rather be but having promised my younger daughter Holly she could go to her first ever game today I can hardly back out.

Just look at how Chelmsford have changed since they moved to Melbourne Park.  A look around their website shows how a club can change when the move finally happens.  We need to be in a position to do the same when PEPF comes round.

So I will miss my first game of the season and will hate every minute, especially after Tuesday night. Fingers crossed for good news on the text messages!

Good news on PEPF

We have released a news release with some good news on Prince Edward which should be up on the website shortly.

It is another step in the right direction but plenty of work still to be done.